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ITMO University is located in the heart of St Petersburg, the cultural capital
of Russia. Besides being a world-renowned hotbed of IT education, our university boasts great expertise in physics, biochemistry, foodtech, green tech,
and innovative entrepreneurship –
as well as arts & sciences, digital humanities,
and more.

At a Glance
We offer you the course "English for Admissions" that will help you not only improve your ESP (English for specific purposes ) skills but will make you feel comfortable and confident in ITMO International Master Programs entrance examinations.
The price of the course will depend on your initial level of English:
General English (1 level)* - 600 USD
Academic English (1 level)* - 620 USD

* - minimum number of students in group is 5
Our Advantages
No need to spend money on tickets.
Study where it is convenient for you!
All of our English teachers
are Cambridge accredited.
In the middle of the English course you will get a consultation from the curator of the program(s)' you would like to enter. They would give you an expert advice on your professional knowledge areas that need improvement. It will help you prepare for international master's entrance exams.

Working with professionals
Expert opinion
Recorded lectures
If you do not have time to join or want to repeat the material, you will have access to the lesson
Free Tour of St. Petersburg
Visit the cultural capital of Russia
in winter without leaving your home.
Favorable offer
Invite your friends and you both
get a discount -5%
Our Advanteges
Feedback from our students
Damara Verdugo, Ecuador
Well, I always wanted to get a Master's degree abroad. Initially, I preferred a Spanish or English-speaking country, but the cost of studying in these countries was too high for me. After looking for information about Russia and receiving recommendations from acquaintances, I decided that Russia is a good option both academically and economically. My experience with the ITMO teachers was very good, they are qualified not only academically but also know how to treat students well and are always willing to help.
Juan Camilo Diosa, Colombia
Russia is a great country: here, you will find the best of the Eastern hemisphere's cultures. Russians will always help you in a friendly way. With the use of new technologies, it is easy to break the language barrier. My advice is to venture out to get to know this great culture.
Selamwit Kassaye, Ethiopia
The most important thing is education. Good education makes a good professional. I am so glad that I joined ITMO because the education here is superb. The teachers are so experienced. The laboratory is amazing. I love attending practical classes.
Sinith Withanage, Sri Lanka
How prestigious ITMO University is and how it provides an extraordinary atmosphere for international students to perform their research and to be involved with highly rated research programs with well-experienced professionals.
Andrei Gomez, Brasil
It is a choice, though once I learned English many opportunities came up that I wouldn't have taken advantage of if I didn't know English. Learning English increases the probability of meeting people from many backgrounds, making friends, building confidence to travel the world, geting higher-paying jobs, having awesome experiences and enjoying life to the fullest.
Founded in 1703, St. Petersburg is known as the Northern Capital and cultural center of Russia.

But there's more to our city than museums, theaters, and beautiful sights. It's also one of Russia's largest industrial, educational and scientific centers.

Whether you're coming here to study or work, you're sure to enjoy the unique atmosphere of Russia's most European city. St. Petersburg is the home of ITMO University and the city itself is our campus.